What to Expect

The Toastmasters program encourages you to learn by doing in a supportive environment. You will receive constructive feedback from members who will encourage you to become the best you can be. In turn, you will learn and grow as both a communicator and leader.

When you join your participation will include writing and delivering brief speeches to a relatively small group of fellow members. Each speech has specific objectives; however, the content is up to you. Working at your own pace and out of the Communication and Leadership Manual, you will immediately begin to learn how to be a confident and effective speaker. You will go on to understand how to organize your speech, use appropriate gestures, select effective words, employ vocal vitality, inspire and persuade your audience, think on your feet, and much more – all to ensure that you effectively communicate your ideas and feelings to others.

You will also have opportunities to develop your leadership skills. Hardhats Toastmasters offers a variety of leadership positions on its executive committee, ranging from president to treasurer to sergeant-at-arms, and many others. If you elect to fill any of these positions, you will receive special training to help you to become the best leader you can be.

Last but far from least, you will also make new friends. When you join Hardhats Toastmasters you will be joining not just a club – but a family. In addition to regular meetings, the club sponsors occasional social functions, which you may attend. Many individuals have made lasting friendships with fellow members thanks to the warmth and support members offer each other as they learn and grow together.