You arrive early to familiarize yourself with the camcorder and wireless microphone. If you need help, ask a more experienced member to assist you. Each speaker gives a tape to you–either their own or one purchased from the Treasurer for $3.

Early in the meeting, at the Toastmaster’s request, you concisely describe your duties. You have sixty seconds maximum. You are encouraged to be brief, or you will eat into time reserved for Table Topics.

Later in the meeting, you tape each speaker’s presentation on an individual tape. Finally, you tape each evaluation on the appropriate tape. You return tapes owned by speakers to them.

Note: Do yourself a favor: arrive early to familiarize yourself with the equipment. Always ask for help if you need it.


Be sure the Camera/VCR is set up properly (see SETUP, below) and then follow these steps:

Using the Camcorder System:


1. Ensure the setup looks good. (Plugs, etc.)
2. Put a blank, cued tape into the VCR.
3. Press “Record” button on VCR (Red arrow)
4. Aim the camera at the speaker.
5. Zoom In/Out button (optional) is on top of the camera.


1. Stop tape- press the Stop/Eject button.

2. Eject tape – press the Stop/Eject button again.

3. Insert a different blank, cued tape in the VCR.

SETUP of the Camera system: (Normally the Sgt-at-Arms will do this, but you should be familiar with the setup just in case!!)

1. Set up the Camera
a. Put the camera on the tripod at a good height.
b. Plug the power cord in (Pink tag to Pink arrow)
c. Plug the video cord in (Green tag to Green arrow) BE SURE IT IS ALL THE WAY IN!!!

2. Set up the VCR
a. Plug video cord in (Blue tag to Blue arrow, match plug colors)
b. Plug power cord in.
c. Press “Power” once to turn on, then once to turn off.
d. Press “Power” to turn on again. (This bypasses the clock & language setup mode).
e. Press the Channel Down button ONCE to set the video input. If this is not done, the VCR will only record static.

3. Start the system
a. Turn camera on (Push up “On” switch next to Red button)
b. (Optional) Turn off the Display icons.
i. Press the “Menu” Button
ii. Scroll down to the “Display – ON” option.
iii. Press the “Enter” Button to change to “Display-OFF”
iv. Press the “Menu” Button twice to exit the menu screen.
c. Start the Camera tape rolling -(Press the Red button on the camera) – you will see the word “REC” instead of
“STDBY”- this keeps the camera from falling “asleep”. Be sure the Camera tape has been rewound from last time!

1. Rewind Camcorder Tape. (***IMPORTANT***)

a. Switch the power switch down to “Player” mode.
b. Press “Rewind” button on top of Camera.
c. Turn off Camcorder when finished rewinding.

2. Unplug all VCR and Camera plugs.
3. Pack equipment, cords, and directions into gear bag.