Last Revised: December 27, 2002

On the day of the meeting, you arrive early, and touch base with the Toastmaster to learn the time limits for each formal Speaker. You also locate the timing lights and clock, and test them. If, by chance, the lights are not working, you obtain green, yellow, and red sheets of paper from the Sergeant-at-Arms and use them as flags.

Early in the meeting, at the Toastmaster’s request, you concisely describe your duties. You have sixty seconds maximum. You are encouraged to be brief, or you will eat into time reserved for Table Topics. Avoid giving the exact time each light will come on for each type of event. Instead, simply explain, “The green light means that you have met your time requirement; yellow, you must wrap up soon; red, you must wrap up now; and if the lights go out, you have seriously exceeded your limit and are disqualified from Best Table Topics, Best Speaker, or Best Evaluator.”

When timing any speaker, you begin when the member first speaks or first communicates to the audience with a clear gesture.

You time every functionary (Grammarian, Ah-Counter, and Videographer) when he/she decribes his/her duties.

During the Educational Happening, you time the speaker.

During Table Topics, you time each respondent, and when asked by the Table Topics Master, you report who spoke within time limits.

During a formal speech, you time the Speaker, and when asked by the Toastmaster, you report who spoke within the time limits.

During the evaluation segment, you time each Evaluator and the General Evaluator, and when asked by the General Evaluator, you report who spoke within time limits.

You time the Grammarian and Ah-Counter when each gives his/her final report.

Specific timing instructions appear in the table below. Please follow them unless the Toastmaster directs otherwise. A similar chart also appears on the top of the lights. In the event a speaker disqualifies it is your responsiblity to announce that he/she is disqualified. If you fail to do so you are will be unfair to those speakers who indeed spoke within their time limits.


EVENTLIGHTS (Minutes: Seconds)   
  Green   Yellow     Red    Lights Out
(description of duties & report)




Table Topics0:500:551:001:10
Formal Speech2:00

before time

before time

after time