Assistant Sergeant at Arms

Last Revised: August 20th, 2019

The following are typical duties of the Asst Sgt at Arms:

Set Up: Assist the Sgt at Arms with room set up; ideally, arrive by 6:15.

6:58 Warning: At 6:58, provide the “two-minute warning” … nice and loud.

6:59:50 10-second countdown: 10-seconds prior to 7a you’ll begin the 10-second meeting countdown. Everyone should be joining in by the time the countdown is finished.

7:00 Intro: Introduce the Waker Upper.. again, nice and loud.

Induction: If there is a new member induction, escort all guests (including the prospective member) out of the room while we do our secret chants and handshakes.

Speaker Set-Ups: Before the start of the meeting, ask each speaker how he/she would like the speaking area set up; perform that set up immediately prior to each speaker introduction (coordinate as necessary with the Toastmaster on the Speaker 1 set up).

Ballots: Gather and count the ballots and feedback notes throughout meeting. You should only need to do this two times (and never during a speech):
      1. After the last speaker
      2. After the General Evaluation – due to limited time, coordinate with someone to help gather ballots so you can focus on counting). Write the three winners down and provide to the Toastmaster (indicate any ties – it is the Toastmaster’s job to cast the deciding vote). Distribute the feedback notes.

Tear Down: If your schedule allows, assist with gathering everything up and putting it away – this will take about 10 minutes.