Last Revised: August 28th, 2019

The role of the videographer is to record the speeches as well as the evaluations of those speeches for members who elect to do so.

Arrive by 6:50a and ask all the speakers if they would like their speeches and evaluations recorded. If so, collect their phone or other recording device from them. Ask them for any passcodes or other instructions needed to operate their video recorder. Ensure the tripod is at your seat positioned in the front of the lectern so you have the best position for filming. The tripod is designed to work with most phone sizes.

At the Toastmasters request, you will give a brief (less the 60-second) introduction explaining your role and asking for any speakers who have not yet given you their phone to bring it to you if they want their speech recorded.

Record the entirety of their speech and their evaluation and return their phone to them at the end of the meeting.